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أبوظبي - شرق 11 ,C119


Abu Dhabi


One of the various foreunners in the construction industry, interior décor decor and contracting companies in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi.
ALAMEDA General Maintenance since its inception in 2009 has come a long way in addition to attaining a strong foothold in Civil, Electrical, and Mechanical Architectural Design & Interior Decoration Works general contraction activities.
We have seined to various clients within the limirnles private individuals to the thresholds or Lhe government agencies such as Etisalat, H_H Private Department Spinneys Abu Dhabi LLC, ADWEA, ADDC, Musanada, Abu Dhabi Municipality and the likes.
Invariably, it assisted in acquiring business all over the Emirates from Al Ain to
Abu Dhabi area.
AL AMEDA General Maintenance follows strict quality procedures in 'he areas of PLavhdSing. Control, Inspection and Testing. Handling md SLorugeDelivery and Training. D&'Is ion making in is decentralized _ thereby equipping [he mun»wers and site engineers with enough power to make crucial judgments on time.
Being sector organization totally, our strength lies in our workforce, who consists of consists, engineers. architects. supervisors. skilled and unskilled Labors working in unison attain the common goal of client's satisfaction.
In order to keep the morale of workers high and improve efficiency special care is taken to attend to their needs. Employees grievances are immediately referred to the management and proper steps taken for solving the same at the earliest
Furthermore, adequate training is also provided at periodic intervals upgrading and line tuning of skills.
For smooth and prompt acquirement of materials, AL AMEDA General Maintenance maintains a warehouse apart from the individual storehouses at site where goods are kept in a suitable manner for easy retrieval and appropriate measures observed for minimizing risk of damage. We also maintain an A-1 business record and relationship with most of the leading materials suppliers in the area, this our access in this field is none to consider as constraint.